Saturday, December 21, 2019

Sprig Speakeasy @ Kearny Point

A few days ago, I attended an exclusive seven course dining experience at Sprig Market Cafe, which if you don't know, is located at Kearny Point's Dry Dock amenity space. Sprig is operated and owned by a local Chef who is changing the game! The power couple, Kimberly Jeanette & Sam Witten believe in high quality ingredients and impeccable service! These core values were observable by their staff, their plating techniques and the flavorful taste of each course. My husband and I were impressed by the beautifully transformed amenity space and how each course was comparable to a Michelin-level dish.

We started with a flight of Italian cheeses then moved on to a Tuscan White Bean soup, followed by a warm and crispy Anchovy salad. Our fourth and fifth courses were probably my favorites of the night, Squid Ink Pasta & Roasted Bronzini.  However, my other half couldn't get enough of their Osso Bucco over Risotto Milanese. We ended our Italian culinary experience with some Chocolate Panna Cotta, Fig Ice Cream and of course, a dinner isn't a dinner if it isn't followed by a relaxing espresso to tie everything together. All in all, the meal was outstanding and we can't wait for further events from Sprig!

This Grey Hound cocktail was essential. 

Dry Dock @ KP

Chipotle Margarita. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wine & Dine

It’s that time of the year again, when families both good and bad come together over an outrageous amount of food to discuss politics, relationship issues, finances and overall family gossip. I’ve learned over the years, the only way to survive those not so pleasant discussion topics is by savoring a good drink. A good wine can be a buffer, a way out or a reason not to talk at all because you’re just too busy sipping and nodding away. 

Last week, I co-sponsored a wine tasting event at Cobalt Loft’s fabulously decorated Denim Cafe. If you haven't seen the rustic amenity space, it's oozing with industrial glam! It features a long and inviting farm table complete with exposed rainfall-like lighting and blue mosaic tiles to die for! The space also has touches of modern design with its extra large island and ultra-white countertops. It's truly a nice space to host events! 

The event was also co-sponsored by Kearny BuyRite, a local wine & spirits store, Ding Food Market, a Korean and Japanese meal takeaway & grocery store, and Ah’Pizz, an Italian bar and restaurant near the Path. The purpose of the event was to prep for Thanksgiving by exploring and tasting wines and other spirits while eating deliciously inspired fall foods. And exploring and tasting is exactly what we did.

To my surprise, one of my favorites of the night was this delectable sparkling Moscato by Bartenura, an unfamiliar brand to me. Yet, throughout the night, I kept circling back by the Royal Wines vendors to keep sampling the delightful Rosé. Eventually, the lovely ladies gave me a big girl cup and sent me on my merry way. Another winner for me was from Starborough presented by a Gallo Wines rep. It was a light and bright Sauvignon Blanc that honestly could be paired with anything from fish to turkey to filet mignon. It was perfection in a glass! Other honorable mentions included a La Marca Prosecco & cocktails made with KHOR vodka!

All beverages paired nicely with the Turkey from Ding Foods and the array of Italian specialties from Ah'Pizz. In fact, Ah'Pizz had to keep refilling their trays because Cobalt Lofts residents couldn't get enough! It was honestly a great time and a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving vibes. Now, I need to get myself to Kearny Buyrite to see how much these wines are going to cost me this holiday season! 

Sam @SoHaJersey 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Crafts & Drafts

Hi world, it’s me, Sam at SoHa. Yes, I am the person responsible for giving South Harrison that catchy nickname over a year ago. You can thank me later! As the SoHa community continues to develop, I’ve had the privilege of meeting new business owners and building relationships within the neighborhood. Most recently, I’ve partnered with Cobalt Lofts & Steel Works in their Riverbend Ambassador program. This partnership gives me exclusive sneak peeks into their resident life. If you aren’t following my Instagram (@SoHaJersey) already, definitely follow to see what it’s like to live the luxe life in SoHa! 

Just last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Cobalt Lofts & Steel Works residents at their "Drafts & Crafts" pumpkin painting event. I went into this event not really having any sort of expectation of what a themed resident-only event would be like. To my surprise, it was lively, fun, and overall a good time. Between the energetic community and cool amenity space, the atmosphere felt like a trendy lounge in the city.

Residents paid $5 for a pumpkin, a plethora of art materials and supplies, and unlimited local craft beers. The crowd was a mix of professionals, commuters, and stay-at-homers, both young and old. There was even a cute little toddler there with his mama. The vibe was super welcoming and warm. Everyone seemed to know each other, and if, like myself, you didn't know anyone, the Cobalt/Steel Works family was eager to welcome you into the gang.

Even though we became a family for a night, there was still a sense of competitiveness between pumpkins. I was amazed at the talent and determination everyone displayed while crafting their mini masterpieces. One guy painted a portrait of his dog! I mean, c'mon, man! I definitely felt a little rusty. Luckily, the resident event coordinator, Dominick, kept me motivated with pumpkin inspiration. I was able to spin my black and white pumpkin into something rustic and worthy of Pinterest. Anyway, I'm curious to hear which pumpkin you think was the winner of the night! Let me know on Instagram at @SoHaJersey!

Sprig Speakeasy @ Kearny Point

A few days ago, I attended an exclusive seven course dining experience at Sprig Market Cafe , which if you don't know, is located at Kea...