Thursday, November 7, 2019

Crafts & Drafts

Hi world, it’s me, Sam at SoHa. Yes, I am the person responsible for giving South Harrison that catchy nickname over a year ago. You can thank me later! As the SoHa community continues to develop, I’ve had the privilege of meeting new business owners and building relationships within the neighborhood. Most recently, I’ve partnered with Cobalt Lofts & Steel Works in their Riverbend Ambassador program. This partnership gives me exclusive sneak peeks into their resident life. If you aren’t following my Instagram (@SoHaJersey) already, definitely follow to see what it’s like to live the luxe life in SoHa! 

Just last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Cobalt Lofts & Steel Works residents at their "Drafts & Crafts" pumpkin painting event. I went into this event not really having any sort of expectation of what a themed resident-only event would be like. To my surprise, it was lively, fun, and overall a good time. Between the energetic community and cool amenity space, the atmosphere felt like a trendy lounge in the city.

Residents paid $5 for a pumpkin, a plethora of art materials and supplies, and unlimited local craft beers. The crowd was a mix of professionals, commuters, and stay-at-homers, both young and old. There was even a cute little toddler there with his mama. The vibe was super welcoming and warm. Everyone seemed to know each other, and if, like myself, you didn't know anyone, the Cobalt/Steel Works family was eager to welcome you into the gang.

Even though we became a family for a night, there was still a sense of competitiveness between pumpkins. I was amazed at the talent and determination everyone displayed while crafting their mini masterpieces. One guy painted a portrait of his dog! I mean, c'mon, man! I definitely felt a little rusty. Luckily, the resident event coordinator, Dominick, kept me motivated with pumpkin inspiration. I was able to spin my black and white pumpkin into something rustic and worthy of Pinterest. Anyway, I'm curious to hear which pumpkin you think was the winner of the night! Let me know on Instagram at @SoHaJersey!

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